Flight - Perfection

Katy Miller

Date of Publication: 31 December 2017

“What you see Alya, what happened to us, was no
act of nature or of the Gods, but of man.”

When Alya Drake left England and moved to America, she
thought that she was leaving her troubles, along with her
dysfunctional family, behind her. Upon her arrival in Maine,
she meets Jordain, a strange yet intriguing boy. Her friends,
her brother and even the voices inside her own head warn
her of his dangerous and reclusive family.

The more time she spends with Jordain and his family,
the more she realises that something about them is indeed
far from normal. Yet when they ask desperately for her help,
she is forced to ignore her instincts and hope that there is a
reasonable explanation for the web of secrets and conspiracy
theories she is now embroiled in. Her efforts to uncover the
truth lead her to a shocking discovery, one with unimaginable


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